Foto Studio Lamp Fotografie 5500K 3800K 20W LED Video Licht Lamp van het Graan Gloeilamp Daglicht E27 Socket Hoge Kwaliteit van 16PCS


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€11.48 €8.04

  • Plug standaard: EU Plug
  • Oorsprong: CN(Oorsprong)
  • De Temperatuur Van De Kleur: 5500K/3800K
  • Hoeveelheid: 1PC/4 STUKS/8ST/16PCS
  • Het Werk Voltage: 85-240V
  • Merknaam: SH
  • walt: 20w led
  • Pakket: Ja
  • STAAN: E27
  • Certificering: CE

Tags: ulanzi video-licht, zoon lamp, leidene van de zonne-string, professionele foto-licht, kleur led video licht, 3d dragon lamp, achtergrond foto, led, le licht, fotos studio.


Mrs 1997
All Super
Nikita Siroteev
I decided to take a softbox with bulbs on 20W. Needed 4 white and 4 yellow, before order written to seller, is it possible to place an order for the softbox set + 8 white/yellow bulbs, but that in the parcel put 4B and 4zh. The seller did not react to the messages. Okay, I ordered the softbox set + 8 white light bulbs + the same seller 4 yellow, paying 1 k more than you could. The parcel came in early December, softboxes are excellent, one of the bulbs is broken. I write to the seller, I ask to return money for the broken bulb. No apology, I thought, that the return will be 300R (although in the store this bulb costs 500). Said the money would be returned on the 18th. No money came from the 18th. I waited, I write the 22nd, I ask what the problem is. They tell me they'll be back on the same day, the 22nd. On calendar 27e number, money never received, the seller does not respond to the messages. The goods are good, but consider that if something comes broken, getting a refund will be extremely problematic. The seller is disgusting.
Everything is fine.
Graf Trnt
The item arrived good packaged. All lamps are working well. Thanks for seller!
Happy Man 5
Very low luminous flux for 20 W power. This parameter is not specified by the seller, but must specify directly. Turned out to be a waste purchase, wasted money.